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120                           A FEW   MEMORIES
ways to feel for the time pain, anger, love, h; or whatever passion one wishes to simulate.
About this time—1880-81—offers were ceived from several English managers, includ: one from Sir Augustus Harris. These were fused, together with Mr. Henry E. Abbey's p posal to take me across the Atlantic; for : heart failed at the thought of appearing bet strangers. Some time after Mr. Abbey assui me that a rest from the usual yearly tour woi be both wise and profitable, and I was indue to accept an eight months' engagement at 1 Lyceum Theatre, in London.
After the contract was signed I heard fr< many that American artists never succeeded England, that they invariably lost money the and that the English felt it a duty to crush as| ing Americans, socially as well as artistica" These reports were far from reassuring, but th< was no escape from the contract. It seemec year of torture was drawing near, and I suffei much at the mere thought of what was before r My last performances before sailing for Engla were at the Dramatic Festival in Cincinnati, In at the Academy of Music, an enormous bui ing with a seating capacity of over eight th<