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NOTABLE CASTS                                  121
sand persons, and so vast a stage that the artists were continually losing themselves behind the scenes. The first play of the festival week was " Julius Caesar," with Lawrence Barrett, John McCullough, and James E. Murdoch in the cast. The second performance was " The Hunchback," with the following artists:
Master Walter       .        .    Mr. JOHN MCCULLOUGH.
Sir Thomas Clifford      .    Mr. LAWRENCE BARRETT.
Modus  ....    Mr. NAT GOODWIN.
Master Hartwell    .        .    Mr. B. G. RODGERS.
Fathom ....    Mr. CHARLES PLUNKETT.
Lord Tinsell .        .        .    Mr. FRANK LITTLE.
Master Wilford     .        .    Mr. F. C. MOSELY.
Gaylove.        .       .        .    Mr. H. C. BARTON.
Thomas.        .        .        .    Mr. E. WILSON.
Servant....    Mr. HOMER HOPE.
Julia      ....    Miss MARY ANDERSON.
Helen   ....    Miss KATE FORSYTHE.
As was expected, with scenery worked on so large a scale, several accidents occurred. The entire " drop" fell in front of me when I first stepped on the stage. Had I been a moment sooner, it would have struck me, and so put an end to the English contract, with all its fears and worries. As it was, no harm was done, and, stepping over the mass of wood and canvas, I proceeded with the play. There was something a]-