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122                            A  FEW MEMORIES
most alarming in the great sea of faces that met one's gaze. Being so far from the stage, the public was provided with books of the play, and it was difficult not to be distracted by the rustle of so many thousand turning leaves. The fourth performance was " Much Ado About Nothing," with Lawrence Barrett as Benedick, John Ellsler as Dogberry, and Mile. Rhea as Beatrice. "Othello" was given with the following cast:
Duke of Venice .        .    Mr. H. A. LANGDON.
Brabantio   .        .        .    Mr. B. G. RODGERS.
Gratiano     .        .        .    Mr. CHARLES ROLFE.
Ludovico    .        .        .    Mr. PERCY WINTER.
Montano     .        .        .    Mr. H. C. BARTON.
Othello        .        .        .    Mr. JOHN McCuLLOUGH.
Cassio         .        .        .    Mr. JOHN A. LANE.
lago   ....    Mr. LAWRENCE BARRETT.
Roderigo    .        .        .    Mr. FRANK LITTLE.
Julio  ....    Mr. E. WILSON.
Paulo ....    Mr. ERROLD DUNCAN.
Marco         .        .        .    Mr. LINNEY.
Antonio      .        .       .    Mr. ALBERT T. RIDDLE.
A Messenger      .        .    Mr. HOMER COPE.
Desdemona.       .       .    Miss MARY ANDERSON.
Emilia.        .        .        .    Miss CLARA MORRIS.
The character of Desdemona had been carefully studied; but having never seen the play or acted in it, I knew nothing of the stage business, and resolved not to think of situations, exits, and