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ance of " Othello," when she had herself kept the stage waiting, and, after divers woes, had been comfortably smothered in her bed, thanking Heaven that the performance was safely at an end, and inwardly vowing never to appear in that character again, suddenly she was nearly lamed by a terrible blow across her ankles. It was the good (and heavy] sword of Othello, who in his agony of grief had flung it upon the bed. Such a hurt would be bad enough even if one were able to dance about and scream with pain; but to lie quite still without a quiver, "that was the most unkindest cut of all!" I have never played that character since.
"Hamlet" was given on Friday, with James E. Murdoch as the melancholy prince, John McCul-lough as the Ghost, Lawrence Barrett as Horatio, John E. Ellsler as Polonius, Louis James as Laertes, and Miss Wainwright as Ophelia. " Romeo and Juliet" followed, with Mr. Barrett as Romeo (he was greatly amused at himself in the character, saying that his age fitted him better than the part, though he not only looked but acted it admirably), John McCullough as Mercutio, and myself as Juliet. The week finished with the second performance of " Othello." Financially, I believe, the Festival was a success, though it was far from