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130                          A FEW MEMORIES
where as a youth he dreamed his h Those bright spring mornings in th< house, with the scent of sweet We flowers blowing in at the open casemen noon walks across the fields to Anne I cottage, with the sad note of the cuck across the shining meadows from soi shelter, the chat and cup of tea with t scendant of the Hathaways while sitt: chimmey - settle, where, no doubt, SI wooed and won " Sweet Anne," threw hour a spell of the olden time, when tl Avon lived and sang and loved; a strc the old-fashioned garden, fragrant with ender, thyme, rosemary, or rue; a lool dark, shining water of the well that ha the face of the great bard himself and of Byron, Scott, Dickens, and a host who have made themselves dear to o then back again across the fields in the a word here and there with the town! full of character and intelligence; a qn at The Red Horse, filled with memories ington Irving; and, to finish the even in the moonlight by the old church, master now " sleeps well." Not a sour