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magnificent burst of passion and power in the second character.* If I had been dropped suddenly into the box at the moment when you hear the cry in the garden, and had been taken out of it again a minute afterwards, I should have said to myself, ' I have seen a born artist" Perhaps the best criticism I can offer will be to report that (during the last half of the piece) my hands were as cold as ice, and my heart thumped as if it would fly out of me. With more thanks than I can express,
"Always truly yours,
" P. S.—The fifth of April is registered as a c Festival' in my calendar."
Those who have seen the play will remember that in one scene Clarisse, under great excitement, has suddenly to stop and gain her composure as she hears the approaching carriages of the guests —the Due d'Orleans, the Abbe Dubois, and the usual crowd of courtiers of the profligate Regency. " Hark!" she says, " I hear the wheels of their carriages." We obtained the effects of approaching
* Clarisse.