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SITTING FOR A BUST                         155
to give them, for, in the several interviews with which she had honored me, the charming personality, lovely face, and sweet manner of the princess had completely captivated me. Count Gleichen's studio was in St. James's Palace, and the many mornings spent there were a rest and an enjoyment Though not considered by artists to be in the front rank, some of his work has been sincerely admired, notably his bust of Lord Beacons-field, which he told me he had great difficulty in making; for while sitting to him the eminent statesman continually fell asleep, would awaken with a start, converse with animation for a few moments, and then fall to nodding again. Artists often get their best effects under distracting circumstances. Though I did not fall asleep, and gave the count, afterwards Prince Hohenlohe, no apparent trouble, his bust of me did not please my relations and friends, and when exhibited at the Royal Academy failed to excite any particular attention.
I shall always owe a debt of gratitude to my profession for opening to me the doors of the artistic and literary world of London. What a charming and helpful world it is! Besides, there were innumerable other aids to progress in my new sur-