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AFTER the season's hard work we greatly enjoyed a holiday at Rochester. This interesting town, as all lovers of Dickens know, is the Cloister-ham of " Edwin Drood." On our first visit to the cathedral and its picturesque close we were interested to hear from an old verger that Dickens had drawn many of the characters of "Edwin Brood" from people inhabiting the town. " Why," said he, " I 'ave seen Jasper; Je lived in that 'ouse. And Burdles! I've seen 'im drunk and scolloping hin and hout them crypt columns many a time; while I" (here he seemed to swell with pride)," I am Tope!" Tope, as we all know, dropped his "h's" generously. It was as curious to be standing face to face with a Dickens character as to take tea afterwards at Rosa Bud's house.
Watts's sensible charity, " The Six Travellers," touched me deeply. It was pathetic to watch at sunset the wayworn men approaching one by one from various quarters, seeking food and a night's