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IRISH ENTHUSIASM                           161
love the uncommon kindness of heart that prompted such generous appreciation ! The Irish are as fascinating en masse as they are individually— spontaneous, animated, hospitable, and warmly sympathetic. As an illustration of their impetuosity, I may mention how, in Dublin, they took the horses from our carnage every night, and dragged it through the streets. This in itself is not extraordinary; but on one night in particular I doubt if, outside of Dublin, any landau ever held so many shrieking enthusiasts: the driver s box occupied by three or four of them, one on each of the carriage steps, dozens pushing it from behind, dozens pulling it in front, the top literally swarming with them; while from the crowd that rushed after our strange - looking vehicle came deafening cries of " Hurrah for America!" " The Sthars and Sthroipes for iver!" " God bless our Mary!" while Mary sat inside, fearfully listening to every creak of the roof, and expecting it each moment to fall in with its kind-hearted though heavy - weighted devotees. Finally one of the steps lost its occupant for an instant, and, no longer able to bear the ever-growing anxiety, I put my head out of the window. The sight of the surging crowd on all sides rushing after us was