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my pocket and bow my acknowledgments, thus stepping out of the picture and spoiling the action of the piece.
Their ingenuity was astonishing. To send a basket of flowers from the upper gallery they would manage somehow to attach a rope from that point to the stage (making the theatre appear as though a tight-rope act was to be a part of our performance), and down this would slide baskets filled with pretty wild-flowers and sugar birds. I have even known a living dove to be tied in one of these baskets, which came swinging down over the heads of the stall occupants amid yells of delight from the gallery.
While travelling through the provinces we had to find in each town the fifty or more supernumeraries necessary for our various productions. These were chosen from the ranks; and the types of lower-class Irishmen impersonating the noble Italian patricians of the houses of Montague and Capulet were often ridiculous. In the first act of " Romeo and Juliet" both these factions, armed with swords, meet in the street and engage in a desperate fight At one of the rehearsals we observed a rather timid Hibernian, with a very short nose and long upper lip, who seemed so alarmed