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168                            A  FEW MEMORIES
mark the gentleman of the old school. Among the many subjects touched upon he spoke enthusiastically of "les belles Am'ericaines" whom he placed beside " les Franfaises" for grace and beauty. During our conversation he kissed my hand several times in the French fashion, and I noticed that he always brought it to his lips, never stooping to meet it I laughingly mentioned this to an intimate friend of his. "Ah? said he, "mon ami ne baisse pas la tete meme pour les Ameri-cainesr Monsieur Hugo kindly asked us to prolong our stay for a reception at his house a few nights later, when he promised that we should meet all the interesting people in Paris. But visions of Italy rose up before me, and I was not tempted. He gave me his photograph, signing his name at the bottom. It was sad to see the master hand that had written "Les Miserables" shaking so painfully over his own signature.
We arrived at Verona on a bright Saturday afternoon, when the quaint streets and beautiful Adige were flooded with golden light. Apart from its associations with Juliet and her Romeo, its arena, Giusti Gardens, Scaligeri monument, beautiful churches, monasteries, and most picturesque of market-places, the old city has an irre-