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of Juliet that I continually spoke of them in my sleep.
My second season in London began with " Pygmalion and Galatea " and " Comedy and Tragedy," which continued until the heavy production of "Romeo and Juliet" was ready. We then closed the theatre for a week to place the massive scenery upon the stage; for this, as well as the company, needed rehearsing. So unwieldy were some of the great " sets " that on the night before the first performance we began a full-dress rehearsal at seven in the evening, and at five in the morning Romeo (Mr. Terriss), Friar Laurence (Mr. Stirling), and Juliet were still sitting in the stalls waiting for the last act to be put up. After another hour's wait, finding that it could not be got ready, we were compelled to forego the death scene. Mr. Wingfield kindly promised to remain and oversee the scene-shifters, and we left the theatre with heavy hearts, convinced that, after our unsuccessful efforts, the play might run on until three or four the next morning. I shall never forget the drive back through the Strand in the chill light of the early dawn, or my visions of the public leaving the theatre from sheer weariness and our finishing the play to empty benches at day-