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DIFFERENCES IN  CHARACTERS                 193
appearances ladies, boldly entering the room ile I was at breakfast, seating themselves, and mly requesting me to continue my meal. Their e excuse for their cool invasion and rude ques-QS was that they had seen me as Galatea the ;ht before, and wished to know how I looked
the stage. One night my maid had to return expectedly from the theatre for something she :l left at the hotel. She found my room filled ;h young ladies, who, having bribed the cham-rmaid to open the door with her key, were rum-ging about among my effects. Their embar-.sment on being discovered was, I think, a suffi-nt punishment for their idle curiosity. Indeed, i number of such impertinences that well-known :ors are subjected to is beyond credence. During one of our visits to Stratford Mr. Flower >k me over the Memorial Theatre, and requested it I should act there. I liked the idea, resolved
clo so, and soon began to study the part of isalind for the purpose. To make one's self ac-ainted with a character, the chief difficulty lies, t in memorizing the lines, but in determining
the closest study how different characters act situations common to all. Rosalind may be .dly in love with Orlando, yet she can jest, be