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I98                           A   FEW   MEMORIES
the reception of the play at Shakespeare's birthplace.*
". . . When, therefore, it was made known that Miss Anderson would enact Rosalind for the first time in her life, and at Stratford-on-Avon, for the benefit of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, it was natural that a wave of excitement, to which even mighty London gave an impetus, should soon surge around this usually peaceful haven of Shakespearian pilgrimage. Such a wave I found here; and until to-day—when all is over and the actors are gone, and the representatives of the London press have returned to the capital, and the crowd has dispersed—Stratford has not seemed in the least like itself. Now it is once more as silent as a cloister and as slumberous as the bower of the Sleeping Beauty in the wood. But from this time it will possess a new charm for the American pilgrim—being associated henceforth with the presence of the authentic queen of the American stage.
" The Shakespeare Memorial Theatre will hold nearly seven hundred persons. Its reserved portion contains four hundred and eighty seats. All of these were sold within an hour and a half
* " The Stage Life of Mary Anderson," by William Winter.