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E the opening of the box-office on August 25th. liss Anderson came down on the 27th with her )mpany, and rested at the Red Horse, and thus le was enabled to devote two evenings pre-*dent to the performance to a dress rehearsal of le comedy. Many social attentions were offered ) her. Under the escort of the Mayor of Strat->rd she visited Clopton Houseā€”a picturesque ad famous old place, the former residence of ir Hugh Clopton, who was a Lord Mayor of ,ondon in 1492, reign of Henry VII., and who uilt the great bridge that still spans the Avon nt the Oxford high-road. She was seen also at le Shakespeare birthplace in Henley Street, here the Misses Chataway welcomed her as an Id friend. But for the most part she remained L seclusion, awaiting what was felt to be a irious professional ordeal. All about the town, teanwhile, her professional associates dispersed lemselves, to view the relics of the great poet id to * fleet the time merrily, as they did in the Dlden age/ Stratford can seldom have been as ay as it was during these two or three days; sver surely was it gayer. From London came 3wn a large deputation of journalists. The ains brought many an eager throng from the