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200                           A FEW  MEMORIES
teeming hotels of sprightly Leamington. One party of twenty-five Americans came in from the sylvan hamlet of Broadway. Visitors to Trinity Church found that flowers had been scattered upon the gravestone of Shakespeare and upon the slabs that cover the dust of his wife and daughter. When the day of the performance came a bright sun and a soft breeze made the old town brilliant and balmy, and but for the falling leaves and the bare aspect of field and meadow there was no hint that summer had passed. A more distinguished or a more judicious audience than was assembled in the Memorial Theatre could not be wished, and has not often been seen. Mr. Forbes Robertson, an intellectual and graceful actor, thoughtful in spirit and polished in method, began the performance, coming on as Orlando. No performer other than Miss Anderson, however, could expect to attract especial notice on this night. It was for her that the audience reserved its enthusiasm, and this, when at length she appeared as Rosalind, burst forth in vociferous plaudits and cheers, so that it was long before the familiar voice, so copious, resonant, and tender, rolled out its music upon the eager throng and her action could proceed.