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CARDINAL  NEWMAN                           203
his various portraits, led one to suppose His Eminence a man of large build. I was surprised to find him very small and fragile. No picture of him gives the spiritual beauty of his face. His thick hair was so white that it looked as if some snowy powder had been thrown over it. His eyes were light in color, small and full of expression. When he smiled they had the youthful look of a boy of ten. His manner was pleasant, though not so winning or courtly as that of Cardinal Manning, who might have been a prince in the most brilliant of courts. Cardinal Newman had more of the reserve of the student about him. During our first interview he startled me by saying, " So you go as far as a young lady can go— as far West, I mean," he explained in answer to my look of surprise. " I believe you were born in California." The youthful twinkle in his eyes was so irresistible that I laughed heartily. I can still see his slight, almost shrivelled figure, clad in a black-and-red cassock, and the beautiful head and snowy hair with the scarlet skull-cap. There was such a marked character about him that even a passing glance in a crowd would have stamped his personality upon one's memory. The kindness of his heart, as well as his forgetfulness of the