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MANY actors, after the first glamour of the stage life has worn away, grow utterly weary of the incessant turmoil of the "theatre. They may love the drama, yet consistently dislike the practice of dramatic art; for to be continually en evidence is a severe ordeal. :
During my first year before the public I remember Junius Brutus Booth saying to me, " So you still like to fret and strut upon the boards ? Wait till the novelty wears off! I would rather plough all day than act half the night."
This seemed so extraordinary to me then that I repeated what he had said to his eminent brother Edwin. He laughingly replied, " Quite right, too; Junius would have ploughed better than he ever acted." Yet Edwin Booth himself, in the midst of his extraordinary successes, often spoke of his own longing for retirement and his dislike for public life. The following letter mentions the subject: