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" 'BooxHDEN,' NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND, " Octobers, 1884.
" MY DEAR Miss ANDERSON,— ... As for that beautiful boy* I am ashamed to remember how I have ignored him. I hope his dear parents and sweet sister will forgive an old fogy's laziness and lapses of memory. He shall hear from me one of these days, when he is old enough to know me. I am sure you need no words to assure you of my sincere gratification at your success. The continued good reports of you give Edwina and myself great pleasure. I have received many calls from Germany, but do not think of crossing the sea again — not professionally, at all events. Though not weary of my profession, I am heartily tired of public life, which was always distasteful to me; and as I grow in years I shrink more and more from the glare and excitement of the life.
" Give my kindest regards to your parents, and believe me,
" Sincerely your friend and well-wisher,
Fanny Kemble's dislike for the stage is as well
* Referring to a promised present to his namesake, my small stepbrother. 14