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210                           A  FEW MEMORIES
known as Macready's. Jenny Lind quitted it in the height of her success. " Once before the footlights, always before the foot-lights," does not, as is supposed, hold good in all cases. Lady Martin (Helen Faucit) told me that while acting with Macready her three nights a week so wearied her physically and mentally that at the end of the acting season the very beauties of nature, of which she was so passionately fond, had lost their charm for her, so deadened with overwork had become even her powers of appreciation. A performance every night and twice on Saturdays and holidays makes the actor's life a kind of slavery. I own that Washington's Birthday only meant to me an extra afternoon's work; and, try as I would, I could not, even in my most patriotic moments, arouse the proper enthusiasm for the saviour of my country on that day, though in my youth I had yearly waved American flags, and suffered burned fingers cheerfully in his honor. Thanksgiving Day was greeted with ^^thankfulness for the same reason. I recall Salvini holding forth earnestly against such overwork. " Why will you American and English artists allow yourselves to travel under managers who demand seven, sometimes eight, performances weekly of you ?" he