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SALVINI  OPPOSED  TO  OVERWORK               211
asked me. " I cannot believe that an artist would risk losing his voice and health, while continually doing injustice to his roles, for mere money reasons. How many good voices can you count among your English-speaking artists ? Most of them are anything but melodious. My wonder is they have any voices at all with such constant work. If I play two nights consecutively my voice becomes husky, and I lose a certain control over it." I agreed with him entirely, but assured him that, harmful as the system might be, there seemed no possibility of changing it, as managers, for financial reasons, refused to allow their artists to act only three nights weekly. " Where there is a will there is a way," he answered. " Were all the attractions to band together and refuse to act, as I do, more than three times a week, they would have the impresarios in their power." Poor Chiz-zola, his friend and manager, who was standing by, smiled sadly at this, no doubt lamenting his managerial losses on the other three nights.
The French, recognizing Winklemann's principle that repose should underlie all true artistic attainment, arrange in their leading theatres that the artists shall have several nights weekly for rest, study, or recreation. I believe that to this