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ful.    But the coldness of my reception on returning home was very saddening.
" Pygmalion and Galatea," " Comedy and Tragedy," " The Lady of Lyons," and " Romeo and Juliet" followed. The last was a brilliant success ; but the failure of the first part of the season and the death of my old and valued friend, John McCullough, cast a gloom over the entire New York engagement We next visited Boston, where, as usual, from the beginning we had a right royal welcome. Edwin Booth and Salvini were acting together there at the time. I never saw the combination, and cannot imagine it as effective. An English Hamlet and an Italian Ghost must have been far from convincing in their relationship of father and son. Though neither Booth nor Salvini spoke much of their association, I surmised that, in spite of their appreciation of each other's work, their artistic feelings were sorely tried, not only by the medley.of languages, but by the incongruity of the two different schools of
During our stay in Boston that delightful poet and man, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, gave a reception to Booth, Salvini, and myself. As my play