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2i6                          A FEW MEMORIES
writer as well. I know little of his painting, but from the engravings and etchings I have seen of his pictures I should say he was a very interesting artist also. The arts are, after all, " fingers on one hand;" and a genius for one often means a facility for some of the others, and generally a love for them all.
Two weeks of one-night towns followed our Boston engagement. Such constant change makes one lose track of time as well as place. As an illustration of this, I may mention that years before, during a month of such travel, a friend and I purchased some flowers with which to decorate Our Lady's altar in the church of a country town where we had just arrived, and where we were to act that night. While engaged at our work a priest entered from the sacristy and stood watching its progress. I had warned my friend beforehand not to mention my name, fearing that a possible prejudice against the stage might cause a refusal of my flowers. The good father expressed himself greatly pleased with our decorations.
" Have you been long in our town ?" he questioned.
" We arrived only this morning," I answered.
" Where have you come from, if I may ask ?"