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SACRAMENTO                                 219
it from Fort Douglas, from which one can see the Rocky Mountains, peaked with snow, and the lake shining like a huge sapphire in the distance. There is a bloom of freshness and a freedom in the life out thereā€”a stamp of strong individuality on both people and place, upon which "form" and conventionality have not yet breathed. General Eli Murray, whom I had known since childhood, was then governor of the territory, and winning golden opinions for the admirable manner in which he filled his office, while slowly accomplishing the uprooting of polygamy in Utah. On seeing the large graveyard set apart for Brigham Young, his numerous wives, seventy or eighty children, and their prospective descendants, the evil and the governor's task seemed alike interminable.
The journey from Salt Lake City to Sacramento is one of the most interesting imaginable, on account of the diversity of its scenery. I must confess to a feeling of pride and satisfaction on seeing my birthplace. There is something almost tropical about the luxuriance of its palms, roses, and magnolias ; and the Spanish character and pict-uresqueness of some of its buildings lend to it a glamour of Old World romance.
A public reception enabled me to see all the in-