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222                            A FEW  MEMORIES
shining " the wonders of the sea and sky! One almost envied the great lumbersome seals as they tumbled about in the water. How remarkably like a crowd of men and women at a fashionable tea-party they were, on the huge rock that bears their name, and is generally covered with them. They seemed to shake hands with each other, and wander about its smooth surface until they found a congenial seal, by whose side they contentedly rested; each favorite holding its little court, and all of them chattering together in a way strongly resembling the human race at a social function.
Before leaving Frisco we visited the Chinese theatre, which is built far underground. In what we know as the green-room we found many Chinamen crowded together: some lying on shelves still drunk with opium, some cooking, others eating, the actors painting their faces and putting on their wigs, the whole atmosphere stifling with the odor of opium smoke and frying food. I was introduced to the great attraction of the Chinese stage, a favorite impersonator of women, who had been paid an immense sum by his countrymen in San Francisco to leave China, where he was so greatly admired that he had to leave surreptitiously. It was impossible, on seeing him in a woman's