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MRS. AUGUSTUS CRAVEN                        227
cannot look at the hundreds of cx-votos limns its
every nook and corner without beins: touched and
•*                                                    o
ediiied by the great number of believers in the actual daily help from the Divine Source.
That saintly and admirable woman, Mrs. Augustus Craven (ncc He la Perronnays), the authoress of " Reeit (Tune SunnV was then living in her quiet little home overlooking the picturesque garden of the Sucre Griir. Her friend and mine, the charming Lady Herbert of Lea, took me to sre her then*. What a pretty, gay little creature she was! One could never think of her as old; for even in her life of seclusion and active spirituality IHT sympathy with all the realities of life, her animated interest in all the great events of the outside world and her familiarity with the latest creations in literature and art, were full of the eagerness of youth. The excellence of her English made it almost impossible for one to think of her as a Frenchwoman. Her conversation was varied. She spoke as well on the drama of all countries as upon the deepest religious questions. She knew her Shakespeare thoroughly. u Romeo and Juliet*' seemed to have a particular charm for her. The simplicity, humility, ir<:od-humor%and a nameless distinction about her,