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HERMIONE AND PERDITA                    245
careful consideration, that the best way was to follow the suggestion of Mr. Hall, and have the two parts played by the same person, my chief authority for doing so being the strong resemblance between Hermione and Perdita, remarked in the text:
"... the majesty of the creature, in resemblance of the mother."
And again, when Paulina reproves Leontes for
looking at Perdita—
" Sir, my liege,
Your eye hath too much youth in'tj not a month 'Fore your queen died she was more worth such Gazes than what you look on now"—
he answers,
" I thought of her Even in these looks I made."
To intrust Perdita to a person unlike the queen in looks, voice, or manner would, I thought, give the lie to the king's words, lessen the interest in the last two acts, and, from an acting point of view, spoil the continuity of the play. Had doubling the parts necessitated cutting out the important speeches of either character, the idea would have been abandoned. But as only six of Per-dita's lines were sacrificed, I did not feel guilty of