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Clown     .       .   (his son) .       .   Mr. G. ANDERSON. Autolycus       .   (a rogue) .       .   Mr. CHARLES COLLETTE. Archulamus   (a lord of Bohemia)   Mr. GLEN WINN.
fl"1** 1       (shepherdesses)       \ "!8S J™ TxLBTOV' I>wrc;isJ                               /          MissAYRTON.
I heard that many of the tc first-nighters " voted It dull and heavy, and prophesied that it could
not run for more than two weeks. My pet play looked very like a failure. But after that, "the actor's greatest judge"—-the public—continued to fill the house nightly, and received it with increasing warmth. It kept the stage for a hundred and sixty-four nights; and had not my tenancy of the Lyceum then expired! It would probably have run on for another hundred. This was the only time in my experience that I acted the same play from the beginning to the end of a season.
In a letter about old times, that brilliant painter and incomparable friend and host, Alma-Tade-mat mentions my farewell to the London stage. I cannot do better than let his graphic words describe it for me:
14 Yes, those were good times of * Galatea' and * The Winter's Tale/ and so many other creations of yours* Especially do I like to linger on thess DESMOND. Miss RUSSELL. Mr. F. H. MACKLIN. Mr. FULLER MELLISH.