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248                           A  FEW   MEMORIES
souvenirs of 'The Winter's Tale/ and its last p formance at the Lyceum, when you were so fu and enthusiastically engrossed with your rend ing of Shakespeare that I distinctly heard y sing while dancing down in Perdita. The hot called for a speech, and it did one good to s everybody so grateful for what you had give and I shall never forget the moment when, afl a few words of farewell, you hesitated, and tri to find a support on the curtain, when a voi from the gallery was heard, saying, ' God ble you, Mary,' and immediately the hearty wish w re-echoed by the whole theatre as if with o voice. Alas! you did not keep your promise, a: never returned to the London stage, and reserv only to some chosen friends the happiness meeting you, who must always be a bright star their past."n my experience that I acted the same play from the beginning to the end of a season.