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The Comedies of William Shakespeare. With Many Drawings by IUWIH A. AIIBHY, Reproduced by Photogravure. Four Volumes. Large 8vo, Half Cloth, Deckel Edges
aiul (ill! Tops* $10 oo.    Net    (/// a Box,)
AH mi example of tin* art of honk-making the work surpasses anything these puhlishers have heretofore put forth, while as an ilhiHtrated work it. h the richest and most artistic that has yet Cftitir from llit* American press, We doubt if the French or Knglish press has ever produced its equal. . , . Kaeh plate contains all of the ordinal dtawing from which it has been made. This i»i vt*ry Iitgh praine, but it is rmt u whit more than this remarkable* work deserves the most beautiful, the most workmanlike, ami lli«* nioMt creditable piece of book-making of its kind that han yet Item d«mi* in this country.-- •• A'. F. »S//;/.
lite Htudy u( f\blif*y*!4 drawin^H will hereafter play an impor-taui ftiit'l in the J*»VH «*( the Sluikrspean* student. So worthily liii^i he? labored and so itilelligrntly bus he studied every phase tit the wide ran|{e of subjects the Comedies hear upon/that, as litt* yearn pan-i, it will b«* more and more fully realised by the I*IT*II fiiitilit* what ii pic'toria! museum thin remarkable series of tllitHi ration* ||ii to frinii,— iV» }*, jl/tt/J tittd A'.t//Y,wr,
t'*«mr itnlilc* vohimeii. , . . A K*sl!er^ of drawings the beauty and litrrti til wlilt:1i it wotdd l*e im{>usHiblc for another than himself to t**jital.*-".V. I*, /vmi/ty; /Vi/»
ill ii typr* nevrr liefnVr approarhed in wondrous excellence of rttttrrfif, itml riaborattMteHs. /nt?r/M\ C'hinsgo.
Tliis          tdttion. , , . The C*omedie« will be read in these vol-
ume* with it pleanure never he Core approached in illustrated ecli-l ii »n*, • A*. I *. / r/Afi «f*.
ConnomrurHof iwwik-m*tkl$ig may well linger over the material iitirl pictorial i-harwn *»f i\m eitjuiiiu* work'— a really monumental itt |inii!t til luxurious equipment amd artistic fmish,— Dial,
i*           «tf m> edition of Sluikespare's Comedies which can
riiiiijtiirr           lliln for iirtlitict merit*    The il lustrations alone Utt* Viilitmrn rare compitnloiw, find it is high praise to do
t-lart* the?          itll iiirl iwirtt than the advance rqx>rts claimed
Ii Iti lit* ,              ffiitr tusiefiil volume will be treasured by those
wlui         ftir tlir          iK'itiitlfiil production* of the hook-making lift, , —
I V ff^fjf »^* i* A»r ?.#*» ^r »i//                   w wfff $e ant h                      326, 343,