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Curiosities.'of the American Stage. By LAURENCE Hurr With Copious and Characteristic Illustrations. Cro 8vo, Cloth, Uncut Edges and Gilt Top, $2 50.
Mr. Hutton has packed a marvellous amount of curious in mation into his pages. ... To collectors this volume musi quite indispensable, and there is no lover of the theatre who not find it entertaining and instructive.—IV. Y. Tribune.
Mr. Hutton writes entertainingly and with knowledge of stage, and his new book is crammed full of facts. . . . No wi on this subject is more painstaking and accurate than Laure Hutton. His sources of information are as trustworthy as \ sible. His memory is generally clear and unerring.—N. Y. Ti.
One of the most important contributions yet made to the tory of our native drama. . . . Mr. Hutton is to be congratuk upon the clearness and fulness of his work, which, taken < whole, is a unique and valuable addition to the literature of century.—Boston Traveller.
This is by far the best book of its kind ; some readers ma} further and pronounce it the only book of its kind. Neither torical nor biographical, it is full of interesting chat about st people—more than five hundred of them.—N. Y. Herald.
Mr. Hutton has brought to bear on his subject both symps and appreciation. Moreover, his well-tested knowledge and well-known accuracy stamp all his statements with a doi value, all of these things giving to his "Curiosities" an im] tance not to be attained by the average collection, and carr) his volume far beyond the level of his own modest estimat N. Y. Mail and Express.
Mr. Hutton has an unerring instinct for discerning whai collect and what to omit from his book. A more deligh treasury of the " Curiosities of the American Stage " it would difficult to conceive.—Philadelphia Ledger.
Theatrical literature has nothing better and few things as gc . .. Mr. Hutton seems to have an inexhaustible fund of perse reminiscences, and to these he has added all sorts of curious formation from other sources.—Cincinnati Times-Star.
**" The above work is for sale by all booksellers^ or will be sent by the publishers, age prepaid, on receipt of the price. to do