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Foreword                                                                              7

Preface to First British Edition                                              10

i.   The Philosophy of Friendship—On Pony-back in the Hima-
.   layas—My Bungalow on a Mountain-top                            13

n.   Projected Expedftion to Mount Kaiias in Tibet—Magnifi-
"• 'cence ofjhe Snowy Mountain Scenery—I Discover "The
Sanctuary"'          "  ' *"                                                      22

in. A Meditation on British Rule in India and on Political
Strife—Necessity of Spiritualizing Politics—The Control
of Thoughts—A Secret of Concentration                             32

rv. My Quest of Inner Stillness—The Remembrance of Former
Births—A Buddhist Method of Tapping Pre-natal
Memory—Nature's, Purpose with'Mankind—On Unity
with Nature                                                                     40

v.   Unexpected Visit by Two Yogisj—Pilgrims and Shrines in

the Himalayas—Power out of Stillness  '                              49

vi.   A Gross-section Through My Mail—A. Would-be Suicide

and My Answer—Telepathic Aid to Students                       59

vn. Reflections Upon the Future of Tibet—Sir Francis Young-
husband's Experiences—Destiny of Orieri and Occident 67

vm. A Correspondent Decries My Retreat £ om the World—The
Virtues of Idleness and Solitude—My Religion—The New
Testament—Jesus and His Critics                                       76

EL   Storm—Precursors of the Monsoon—My Animal Visitors—

The Question of Clothes                                                    88

x- Another Visit by a Yogi—His Adventurous Journey from
Kashmir to Mount Kaiias—His Wanderings in Western
Tibet—How his Master Lived Naked Amid the Snow—
Explanations of the Feat                                                    97

xi. On Philosophy and Fun—Reflections on Mr. Charles
Chaplin—His Silent Art and Genius—The Necessity of
Modernizing Yoga—The Inadvisability of Asceticism—
Some Truths about Sex and Yoga                                      I r i

xn.   A Sacred   Influx  in   the  Stillness—Mountain-climbing

Expeditions and Their Significance                                   123

xm.   An Encounter with a Panther—The Problem of Nature's

Cruelty                                                                           131