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Full text of "A hermit in the Himalayas"

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xrv. A Visit of a Nepalese Prince—A Queer Experience with a
Fakir and a Spirit—We Explore a Beautiful River
Valley—An Adventure with a Mad Elephant—
Buddhism in Nepal—Krishna and Buddha Compared           13 7

xv. My Nightly Vigils in the Open—Reflections on the Stars—
The Truth about Astrology—The Mystery of Sinus—Are
the Planets Peopled?—The Symbolism of the Sun—The
Deodar Tree Speaks—Farewell to My Bungalow                   152

xvi. I Set Out Again on Horseback—Gorgeous Panorama in
Tehri* State—My Journey Along the Ridge-Tops and
Mountain Trails—Through the Forests in the Darkness—
I Arrive at Pratapnagar                                                         162

xvn.   The Snowy Giants of Himalaya—An Attack by a Bear             17 r

xvin.   The Delights of Tea-drinking—How the Monsoon Storms

Break Out                                                                               179

Epilegue                                                                                     186