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As a Nepalese, belonging to a people who have rigidly maintained their
land in absolute independince and proud exdusivenes$> I can also testify that
these ancient traditions of a mystic wisdom have been preserved in the mountain
fastnesses of Nepal far better than even in India itself. But those only who
seek as earnestly as the author can hope to penetrate into the society and
secrets of the true Sages of Asia. His Calcutta critic would be beneath notice
were it not that equally unfair prejudices constantly manifest themselves.
Thus I have heard Europeans describe his Egyptian researches and Great
Pyramid spirit-experience as "a mere journalistic stunt"! Once again they
betray ignorance. Either they have never met Paul Brunton, or if they have,
they were not permitted to share his inner life as I have shared it. Those who
really know him—a difficult matter, I must admit—know that his sincerity is
unquestionable and thai his material sacrifices for the sake of discovering the
elusive truth behind life have been great. Few really know him} and misunder-
standing seems to be his ordained and accepted lot.

I am glad to have the opportunity of rendering my friend the little service
of writing this introduction. May the much-needed message whose inner light
flickers through the following pages bear tlie blessing of the hidden Sages of the
Holy Himalayas!