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over something which may not be worth having. Nature has given
you a real temple, where God is just as much present as in that old
pile of greasy shrines and rite-ridden stones yonder; come away into
the forests and the hills or even into a bare room, and I shall show
you a God these others rarely find!M

Nature's voice is to be heard within; her beauty may be dis-
cerned without; but her beneficent harmony lives both within and
without us*

If I did not feel this by present experience and know it by past
experience, I would not dare to write such optimistic words to mis-
lead both myself and a blinded world. But because the sublimity
which steals into me as I sit upon this lonely cliff in the Himalayas
is a genuine, heart-ravishing fact, I let my pen write them down.

I have suffered too much and lived too long to wish to dally
with sugary sentiments which are mere fictions. But if I die tonight,
then let these words be found in my journal and published broadcast
to the whole world:

Nature is your friend; cherish her reverently inyovt silent moments•,

and she will bless you in secret.