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of his spirit. It is the duty of the Grand Council of High Lamas,
which is convened at Lhasa, to find the child in whom the spirit of
the deceased Priest-Ruler has reincarnated.

Their theory is not reincarnation in the ordinary sense but rather
that an emanation from a mystic heavenly Being, nearly akin to the
Buddha, enters into the particular new-born infant which is destined
to become a future Grand Lama. Hence one of the titles of the
latter is "The All-Knowing", as he is presumed to possess divine
knowledge.                  ^Sfy'Z- fi^H"

The Grand Council always consult the State Oracle when it
has to find guidance in its search for the child. After finding a number
of male infants bearing certain traditional signs, it orders their
names to be inscribed on tablets which are placed in a golden urn,
and the one thus drawn out by lot is selected.

After it finds the boy, he has to be educated and prepared for
his high office. That means about fifteen to twenty years must pass
before the child reaches maturity and real rulership. Meanwhile
the country is governed by the Council of Regents.

I do not remember the name of this particular native prophet
who foretold the disappearance of Grand Lamas and the entry into
Tibet of the whites.                                  /Qj> ..

I believe, however, that part of it will be fulfilled and that this
sealed country will be thrown open eventually and will sutler the
impact and inevitable influence of the forces of the new era, whatever
they may be.