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around his body for the long journey that lies ahead of, him. His
muffled form must cross the sixteen thousand feet high Lipu Lekh
Pass over the Himalayas before it becomes snowbound and impass-
able, if he is to enter Tibet's lofty tableland this year. Our delightful
travel ta^ks must come to an end. Our silent mutual lapses into the
greater Silence must cease.

I shall not see his self-reliant fearless face nor hear his strong
vehement voice again for at least another year, perhaps more. Yet I
tell him that I shall feel, whilst he is living in the delectable spiritual
atmosphere which surrounds Mount Kailas and Lake Manasrowar
that the inner link between us will profit me, and that some souvenir
of the atmosphere will be sent occasionally along the invisible
telegraph lines of that link.

He nods his bearded head.

"Yes, and I shall send you, through a trader, some pebbles of
rock gathered on Mount Kailas itself. They will be more than a
memento; tread on them and you will tread on Kailas ground, and
thus defy the Government prohibition!"