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We need to distinguish between a fall and a push. God never
pushed his creation down into a worse condition. Nor did He
create a set of automatons which would work like puppets on a
string. The fact that we fell is sufficient evidence that we were given
enough freedom to fall.

Yet if ail the assembled religious teachers of the entire universe
and all the gathered prophetic luminaries of the firmament of
history were to tell me that our Creator was wicked, cruel and
barbaric, I should disbelieve them. Even if the whole of the human
race were to tell me that, I should turn away unconvinced.

For my final proof that they were mistaken would depend upon
my own inner experience. Not even by clairvoyant perception of
former phases "of universal life would I rebut them, but by some-
thing infinitely more profound, more precious and, to me, more

Slowly and haltingly, humbly and with oft-slipping feet, I
nevertheless find myself creeping into the courts of the Lord with
the passing years. And the closer I creep towards the divine Presence,
the more I feel myself surrounded by a compassion whose breadth
is limitless, and the more I find myself supported by a love whose
nature is endless.

But my thoughts, however luminous and however factual they
may seem to my visionary mind, will seem but idle and rambling
speculations to the clever learned omniscient men of modernity.