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of a triangle. There is another striking correspondence between
star and Pyramid. The priest-astronomers took it as their basis
of measuring the epochs of universal history. They watched its
successive risings at a particular place during the few minutes before
its light vanished into the coming light of dawn, and noted its
position relative to the earth and sun when its rising coincided with
the summer solstice. They knew, by observation and calculation,
how long it would be before that position would be repeated,
naming the period the Cycle of Sothis. This epoch was no less than
1461 years. Thus Sinus* rising immediately before daybreak on
midsummer morning became the starting point for the chief Egyptian
calendar, forming the Grand Epoch of its secular cycle. Now the
number of casing-stones on the base around the four sides of the
Great Pyramid was exactly 1461, precisely the same as the number
of star years in the Sothiac cycle 1

The other and traditional name of Sirius is-the Dog-Star. Yet
theffirst symbol for Sirius among the learned men of Egypt was not
a dog but a giraffe. This long-necked animal possesses no vocal
organ and hence makes no sound; it is undoubtedly the quietest
of all creatures of its size. Moreover, it can see both ways without
turning head or eyes. Hence it is a perfect symbol of the four gods
who guard the evolution of mankind in Sphinx-like silence. The star
Sirius is definitely connected with these superhuman beings, the
Silent Watchers, and the wise men of ancient Egypt knew of this

Sirius does not belong to the multitudinous company of our
own starry system: it is a mere stranger who is momentarily close
to us but in distant time will flicker off into the depths of space.
The Egyptians were not alene hi their knowledge of and reverence
for Sirius. Most of the ancient races knew and reverenced this
glorious star too.

But spiritually it is a still greater stranger. The beings who
people it are infinitely superior in every way to the creatures who
people Earth. In intelligence, in character, in creative power and in
spirituality we are as slugs crawling at their feet. The Sirians possess
powers and faculties which we shall have to wait a few ages yet to
acquire. They have detected our existence already, when we do not
even know and often do not even believe that the star-worlds are

Evolution, involution and devolution have not ceased with that
petty proud creature which lords this planet under the title of man.
His name comes from the Sanskrit root, manas—to think! I cannot
count the immense number of years since he first made an appear-
ance upon this stage, but it is perfectly obvious that he has begun to