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for it showed one how it is possible for the mind, the inner man, to
move in and out of the flesh at birth, sleep and death.

The Divine Power has not deserted its creation, the universe.
It is ever silently working. Let us remember and re-remember that
in these dark hours of world turmoil. Whatever happens today, I am
convinced that the onward history of man shall embody his highest
hopes, merely because of Uiis secret working of God. I have this
faith, and everyone else may have it too who will go into the silence
and listen to its soundless Voice, Let us then hold to Hope, when
other things prove not worth holding to. The gods shall and must

Himalaya taught me so.

I would like, as a last line, to rewrite the Psalmist's sentence
and word it thus:

"Be still, and know the I Am—God!"