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Full text of "Ahle sunnat urdu magazines,urdu islamic book,"

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ifc" (/ u'7 J^ i; / i/ (fv 
=- ^ iH ^ ^i^" ^- jl ^ & 

1 -^ 

f ^/ X 

U <L j/T 


I 1 

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J i)t i_ 

J*" tfX If 


&| fl 


/ WsT / 

J^" } H- \r 


y ^| 


J ji/* 

& Jt cZ L 


£ ^| 


ill lJ\ IJb-l iJfe*J V 

(33-34: »/Ul) 




/ uv, i- */ MtV sty w£s- « *-< 

file) l^/J^jtfWJ&A/**!*** ****- LfT-i- * i^MAj><-£jy !£-' 
<»1-4* l^/S^C^'t^ l/^^^i^y^U^J l^/c-*.li(£ilj«&(/c a (4fj 

-f- ££A>li-jlS&kyj i W£_1 r li'i/lTtljLTi-.t^lCAL-i^^J^;. Jiffs' 

- kL. y (} i£ i/ > JJ *^jj i ^ 
.A.^jtyii CO 

i/l^lc- jH^iu L r l/ti. jfjahfjtyyL ^ujiLj.A^'rL jft>>L,'f<j,^&t 
- "Jl If j£ J\j ^ ^ &- war \J^V>\ |-j/jj i ' ' 

jAiwj, ;<=- JA jt(*t £- iii u^if i#-^ cas ^ t W< 1 1 )kCiij* fcL ji y»i^ try" 



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.(21 Xj. atyyi l^ ^Ji_ 


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--elf- , - 

£_i««iL^(*t^_ J f|'ift(iB 

ji -ji ,ii — ji 


*\y-*&»'* ¥1 n " n ,,,,n ,M,n ,M,n 


v Ti iP,^. Life £s*ll t£jjl& Z-k J. (Wl J(t.£_La*jji(^ ,aJ''/A-,*.lj|?jl£l8k|* J tf Jj-j 

( j&,f 1 j}t^imj'&Ullifi') SU yij^Wl 4JUI l^ .^iU^J.iLJ a l 

,fc(r) /ji(if/)tJ>t-s CO 

J; % tj ^MiSJltS^yMJ't-drM Jl/LZ_lf &M~1t- \rX&i%i \J^>. Jt-g* I J£ 

-L-btfAtitf^zcA 111 5JU»:|L/<L r t/ll/ 
t4f-^ r « iTf&M* Ji/XxSi-f ,m i/J''Jf^ff If ) ijUi j* l j v li ^ ^i j> j*J «J-i i,1 

cA^jicrt/ c # J ^y| r .s.j4^^^ 



W u« bj ^ — r ir (/ JS tf 

M Jtf a. d4 £ i/ 1 A ^ £<'> 

J -t. i; u H, /^ 

>s-*l cJiL^ §» Iff $* J A 


," l f-&iA*i$3L.iMJ>kJ r 'jJ 


"The first shahadah— or first part of the confession of faith, would remain as 
abstraction if it had no sequel. It could be said that the second shahadah brings 
the first down to earth, and to deny the second would be to sever all connection 
with the first.— The prophet is the link between creator and creature." 
(Islam and the destiny of man, p.62) 

"If ever upon the day-length time-span of any self or saint either, some vision 
breaks to roll his life and ours into new channels, it can only be because that 
vision admits into his soul some trooping invasion of the concrete fullness of 
eternity. (Iqbal: The Reconstrucicn of Religious Thoughts in islam, P-21) 

j,\jh*L^/;6®^J*)pJ\*n/><y\j%^<$* l t0tA£ ^^^iA/pVi 

£. L» Jl \$>j& SJ&Z- *&£- ■V <"-' S &(!?"*(* 2(2 y Jf. K ' > If { J* 'j 6^ J'i'Jr 3 -J*!J>tj:>s- 

i^^VI^U^'^^^^^^^^lA^j^ldeal Life Style)iA 

" The Messenger (Rasul) is not only the recipient of the Revealed Message but 
he also, like the Revelation, is 'Sent' into this world from the beyond. Just as the 
Quran embraces every aspect of human life, so it was the destiny of Muhammad 
B- to penetrate with exceptional versatility into the domain of human experience, 
both public and private."(Wia( is sufism, p.33-34) 


i> ii^ ^iXl> i±z: jl& fe>L&Mf<^ 9 *\"&^J&?>^tf*dfy>***$ 

Jl£ 4% &* & $ [/ sf k ^ 

r*Af -^.'-yjr 7 * __4-£ ^k/dttfJtjM^W'dti^VSdZ^f&i- 1 e 


On:,/!) ^>jl^«il3^l^^.J 
liW^'j^-i j tt (Operating Factor) j-j^'/jf/iij .T&fyitfiA/V i/W-^i-V 


( 1 v 1 70 ^-S ^ j^j,^ jj ^ 

"Prophet Muhammad ■:& being the perfection and splendour of creation 
represents the human norm and is therefore the Model for every one. A Muslim 
has no choice but to model himself upon this "perfect exemplar," imitating 
Muhammed :&> so for as he is able, both in his character and in his mode of 
action The sunnah of the prophet provides not only a frame -work but also, as it 
were, a network of channels into which the believer's will enters and through 
which it flows smoothly both guided and guarded." 

(islam and the destiny of man, p.62, 186, 187) 

did*-* Jjf l$4#w<u>A*fri- ^A^'6/^MJU^^mf-M-^J^ 

tl^i ii_ ^1 i^Jj w^^.Ij Ju^I^jI 6jj i/I^U!^^- (*v jj^ m ij5 cv^- iJl*_ (jt tfe ■** 1^ rui/^lt' 

zjfa&e. i/W &jc*^ 

-<L, H U b|jl# 11* JuC£- L<£ Jz>fjJb\s>^njit-^ L%^/ftd^^U-<L JA3M &£ 

[*t If JjW ft. ti<f « «. t/ fin 
^ u% «-./■ I? tic ' f- ^ f'7 

A^ : l^t &A/Mi£ 2-*i*f<fiiJl2- ^J^fS&xji^^&j^ \\J\rfH 

(Ufa ite J*> t,«4?(^^£rtJ ifWj**l.»A£'i- *>,/& f t Wic-^&^tif 

y: cJjy; J* t/y? ^Jln/vjl^/^ Jjt f'Lfi-tty £. i/t^jjl tJfc-f JtWrt^ J^"*,**- 

^ C &^\ i|c* ^ •£ i£a 

&£-&?><$- &*%\ ptj 4_ yjl 
Si J>-j^.j4 (J%_l* tfi-^ifci J# i}fjji>-JLM I i/t-C-jl* t/£_A <£ i/Ui-ft t lil* i 1 

<(Concenlralion)^y. j^Il^ o'U ; '/J;^ jtvjji Jji^i/Zl/U j Jj! t^Sji-f-fej/^ W ~' J 
^/t^c^f^L ,<c.4Ka/'i/ (Transcendental meditation) -J^tjuui (Confidence) J I?' 

jAjjpilS'i.xi. \ji\LvO\?.vV,jj-( Real Identity X^ftJn/ 6 U^'iUu^-?-^ ^ 

"This sense of Identity provides the ability to experience oneself as something 
that has continuity and sameness and to act accordingly." 

(Childhood & Society) 


v'70 p^Ji^&jAt J# y 

^">>i_^J'-L^f)A I ^iJ L ^Aj J -^JisJr->Zl ) /ijjiW-f-c^( Essence of Faith) 

"Prophe! is Islam... love of the Proph it e (constitutes a fundamental element in 
Islamic spirituality. It arises because musltms see in the prophets the prototype 
and model of the virtues which make the theomorphism of man and the beauty 
and equilibrium of the universefttottererancfoig Islam, p. 91,95) 


±/-t£cS Wf_( Pre-requisite )i^^-^t^^l/^^-^^'^I^J'%^* ; ^ f* 


/ Jtr. je ifc pT / 

J* fe/jf^Sji. i Js>l IaAJjUU* Jtefe ftA=. (Developed Personality) aI J yl&Pi/ftL- 

j' | L^"ir^ | ^d | f-i^>fct/u^o^^J : d | ^^(/ | v^^^**i-^ti-/ii'L ;,(| ^t^'' 

^ y t/tn >y 41 T r J;i ;i 
(Basic fctH^it^JaC: S^IjXCI i/W^v; 0*<£t/1<K^l- i/W V(A''ii if'&Oi 

:^_ J ' Jjy -J/lT Mirroring -^_Mj ttc^- Mirroring 
"Adopting other persn's behaviour as though you were a mirror image". 

(Unlimited power p.358) 

J, Tfj*\x l^l^(entirety)l^ JV^r^'^^- &fi$e-£f;>W<~\\M r l&L* 

^{Mirror lmage)^*^^^j"6l^vA-'^ > ' ; ^^^ : ^^^ J ' [ ^t'^4 , J' 

i? &? if. ft i & & 

(\t-a- (Aesthetic Attitude)^ fy\^^Jltfa&^t*i&1&&^?sUZ^Jtysi 

^£r^'jJjbJ^^i^^^^i ^.i^^i^XAcognition) J AJ f >J^iX5a^^ J > 

iiT-f. t-L j^ Jjy«_,l, lTc? i#jj lit 117 - <£ J-» '( Sanctity)^ iyHfclijjjji.?l* s U : -i -f-fe J 

"Jj Ct jLtl T^jjl ^ ill 3":^/c; ^^ifWf-yr^ S^Jl/'-ui Ji^j'Csr* ^(jF^/flM 

w >Jj/^A/1 Ai-./*>ci! , (*l^''( W/I(jy Jl„ iT^jIfc 5 ) ".Ijj i±ULT Jju^lj Of :j(f j» f^lftij 
<Jl(ilbljf.(t^:»yi) ^llii ilU»t! ij^s ,LfcU ^iSj^: t ;> t / J ; L ,-f^T»lt/;'l r jIi_>l^jj<^.l 

^A&ljKii«'/-f-&^J^<c.j^j*iH(Ecstatic adoration)^^^^)^^^ 

a>Ai< UX <l£A-y£"!-*&* «, t'lC iftM.&C (/jj|^ i/lf k. ± V Jl/£ ju/* p/c 

_Jtf lr mStirU^^S (Pessimism) 

{/elite jj*-4- B» r/ T)J j y t^i/iyLi^J^.^i ji^i-fi jSt/ii i/Wf-rf* ts^^ 1 

■OS" yfcjj Jaji* *iUi Jsj5», J aT ^jjt A* I J jjJ^JI j jj^udl J 4«U *U£j1j fevlJI ^ 

£. Htf" v,j -<$. t-r |*t % _j 

A. J If -?>! ^'! iX \J'M S-tJ 

y&\ v iJ\ i £Zz. l LliS>~'^^-e-j>x Channelize^ ^^H&^JC^cACf 

fen ^ r 'if. u if^hi.\fj / S^ j&*J</*j»jz ^ij^TjCrM^^ij^nu 

jUACdV^jc^yiAs-ij £*>?-£-£ &£'£-£ JUh jt^> u ^U^J B* |<U 

i-^h^A^^\iJ\X^£L. v£J&f$J\s£&fj\J^fo£%$t>}^VK\.S>L.s%t\*J& 

i{M"jMs\ & fo~A/xAJ^^^Uh£3L^L.^^ 

flf/ijtjfo?l£tjjj'£. ^.(^if-j^^j^-oi^-^MAd^^^^ui^ 

L ^^^f^^'^J^jt^j^L-u^U'i^^y^'}/^ MjWetof U 

j_^ji £ i j — hi r ja_*j «t_i 

^ r jit >; g ii «•» 

,1 ,'T ^t J [J* fVti .Jry* [3 Jlf 

jU ,IJ f-f ~ o% fjb uJl uJ. Ji 

S>; Qtf Jt? 0% A d~ J 3$ a 

C& jijj ebj u<r -£ Jw»£i ■/ Jj 

it tf A / i£ ^ ^i ji, 6x 

a^. j w b£C (Aru j j£ ^cO/Uk^e^fiAvi <=-^ i/>^/U^<L/- w/|v j~ 

• £-'15 jjI^: JiJ^- j^LtiwJLi-jJjL <j*rj}£, juj^./Q i'u^d 1 ^ ftsJjPetLjAtttsi \)?. 

i/ tC^/ AC ^>L- jf LkjI jlfi;is£jErt U (jriji Jtfi jt Jit ^-i_ T ' ?^fj&£ jSjCfi 
$J?%>%L "A- &« ^jO^aH?. ^t/;yV^V^/dfe- i/u* jfci^iTjviii^'f- l£ 

aft SW\i\{ V' V 1 ^J/^/° ^(/ >a^* X J J I* /£ /i J w I jjV^ ' J* ■&>*/: Ji/fe < -? **4- "ps 

ifcfl^s/tfUUg fossae i/ijjfjuw t'jA/i'ti'i'=- .Lj^Xi'w uC(3;^Ji/iw>^ u^ 

jJ^UtO/-^ J tl^ V L y*^'« ^^ JVl^ J-^<£ l^-^f i-'jC^U-d'-fJj^W Sj^jU ji 
c, 0>/£~ U"-"4 Jt.£-kxijr*L£ s/J_ A=_ u ' j V ^o" jj 'if- dtfj'V ' */4- Jl=« J 1 'jm» i/ ( t— k 

Au Vu^h^^M//^^/^ &M)}tmif*L fault*, jftfi tJtATi^ 

tjlf> C J^I^/J^/l^uVw/J^ Jl^ j)i«C T fei/^Zj jfi,L r '-(^Ji Ifcll i/C( 

£=./*" Sj}jfflss& Jo^*f ^j^j^Lj^JU Cjj&s'Z. J'^'uii/^ J'ji-X'^- 1 ? ^ 

. 4JLS1 1 Uij U^j j41 ^L^/^uU^l^lTl/'j'^ J^i^?»t:;L^i.e>4lj)i 


(1/1 i-f-Uo^- ^&i&|*L/ia/*i£.. s »U! £J*jjH ftA&l^fcM* tf &. J&^j/^l/^ 

tffj&S'^ 3£\J\\£b}6jV6teJ^*^fi&~vJ-%-\ if/iZ&fJ^-j iff bur. 


J^H a. Iftl . tjf if U 1 ia«y 



-"< i/tV'</< s/k >dz&J*i jx^' t/V*-^ v^ Jx^ f-i/f >v Wl^ -wal j£> 


M«j$j£-i>i- if , a*. bijL-j#'A£ i- 1AS4 J^-^ui? j^u *£*.?> f r ^x 

f- / \£ /*• \A if J'*r i£ 1/ 
^liAtlf^^^^^'^V^X^'^^^'^U'J^JU^^^^l/i--^ 1 ^^ 

: jT;ij'c^3yi. i^>* tafi^ ijW (Jfjftj ^^1 ^pwm si *i— ^ f i 
fd$C Ot/CdfrtSffi \fffJltefffL. \J&U$jW&j*J& ffus&j[j>£</i 


-S&lrfL- i> ( y ! 'l204 

^ui£«M$f i' a 

■ • • 






(33 :w I7l)i >'ij^laf ^>jj cji J*l ^1 p&o ^JJ ail J^ UH 
^L^?jt^c!^I^Jsultf^ rf lfLrU^ 

-£.J,V% >f,j?riLZl JT-iT^J'/J^J lW£JEs- «%£$-< uUjU_» _ift UjW JTl^ 


Jl tJ^Ce^.^. i/t^ ^ jl. t#dMti~/J\ j*n/iJ(fLff sLi>t/i&ralc l/i 
JU&$^i&jKti&u£^-L$Wj^£&\+S<i- l f V b- tin- Si- r ~Mt Af 

jji^fL^jt/i JV^ Jl^Li (/Xf'c^f-^fe! £./jii/y ji ji^rti u^/J.> '4UV 

COTftfUl) -Oil JJ* 3*111 siUji 
Acceding J'^/^'statesjV^ 1 ^,^ Ji^v*'fcr'|*l^f- l^K £ d'/V ^'W-dio&i 

jt \f- j>\ ji?i L $* if 1 
^£^x^ y.^jWzlftejJ^iut (J j^_iZji r TijC'jjf jfe^ 'i/yi. jV'V 

Procedure \f*-jfM-£(-f'bvfdi £^v( j&jjy 1 ') P raced u re ^>f jZl^jjSsJjfi.** i4rt=- 

f<f. u' P rooed u re > A* (j jJ S^m UL <p- 

...1, L f Jt c ^u r V J -^^ J ^'^-^ 7 L^}.^V^^i/^^-^/'J.^i/&^Uf 

c^t-.j.^j^M ^(*lPi> tf'«L us j* jit'J/jj? ifejfc-u |fci tofljiijzt </■ f \& \£*Jift 

-£_ ^ fas. ( Jlid i^W't/l tAf wW<b»ia;fec_.s<: T,/!tj£*WjLf. ttf/J^>Ug^Jh4hS 

i£JW_^_ i^U (^/iwilfif t/lCc^'ei Ji)Uv-tf- <J?j>j£$Jl£ J^iAf- Lfj'f/f-^ 
^ J i^tr^tTt^i-^<^*77^*774*Oi^^L^^iPlj:^lZl*(iiJ'^i 

Cf.^#t^tr^*tJi!jLi&^>-f.Jvj^jitfVc^f4^ | ^i | !i"i5vXi/i 

&>f*rf>jJz)L ix^AjiL^ \fjij.v\.i\$j' ji-ji&yA^jfA^.hiiijfytttpjfMj'i 


if 0& -f-'i it >'l i^**' "^-'-'^ 
(Jsij j/ ij (^ >' Jl? J* / 

jV f -20 : u^//- <^r a^V iMifiw Jifty Wi4 Ljtf*«\p$$/&4Ji$*.p 

. c ^. i_ /G^* ) u j A4SC0 J (= j ' *- «- f- •=«! 

i/ *-> H A d% u\ &t 

: (^ 4^(4 2_ ^ jZ./"'. i^f I- If 2-1 JjfZl 
Ui* ^-Ji w UL- Jjjj 5U 

j/ib^ )l /c£ufL^u'V^^iJ^^-jL^u J .)i_^jTj;4^^,JJ ! i( (J „^j^ 

-'L^Q/^^J^I^.r J lLU^^ ll ^L : JfC/uf»^L/^i^ f ^/jl-''r/ 

^^.^^u^a^ C '^/JJt^^i_j J r^^^'L^j:r^L ;J £^^/;-(^t. 

tfyh>rfu»/j*r*£-jfi/<C Oiti~jh>^^-j£tniTi^A \£<^r&£*Mj£L\f$,\Pi>i-{ 
Cxs$;^$<l. Jk(J^.i).sJjAG%s J"*? " 'j*^ 1 J ljJl U** ^ J*"* ^J-^' >*• f^** W^ 

lA*'i£( sy%/ Jb» i. Lfvff (j^/^ u4ci£( £ J e&$)L-*373d?>Jj?d:tflis ji 
\$& U'i/V<£f>*<f Js^Jm^.yy%-ifl iL-W&'yil't&ffS. j/t-li^^V 

*J ji J Jw Uil jJ-flj a i J>1 Loj *JJb jjyj j^L— J& j^y. ^IflCiJf'ufjUiJu'lZ-bt'C 

-£. IjX/i £#J«1-A/L tfd Wt^i/U^- di'xSiJ'-T- &dVJiW* 

U V j ^Attack JJ/ uTl/i. tu4'/i' t ^"(* iui - Jh l3^ &' (^— J jt^- ^ ~&j£J*j j/5i- J 
(72^/)-J(J^-i*l »J«I ^JJ^ *s» O^iJj ttJj-« lit* 

l'U^60eu'6:/ilfJ#*jJ^6(2lwi c L^iitJ/^ J^J^X^b^^'^'^^ 

(1 3:^1^1).^ *Uio«. | ^,/lal 
,t L ^Jf. (>r^ i?«LJc ~- Jl^^JtJjxJ^JXsif-dL ft/fix ^^AJl^m^n^/ 

(6: J(/iJl) 1> U jr Jl jli-J ; ^1 J— jl jiJl ti U™U-l*! t /t'iv^^>?-Ws^ v l 


:^^(^^_^yi/'^ <J y>Z:j^^j^jry^^^j jr t-/^'^c' r ^ 

aUAU j^ji s iV iflijA^i iUy-i Ji*dw» j u"* s ,^i j^^f H^v-* 

j*—'j r^'jf' Ji ^ ^' Jl* 4*s' ^ ^j** JT Ju j siLi* «wi r* j >i-*^"S' JyU^iiUL^ j 
,_.j%L»l &_/^ M£'^ /»( r^_L^tJ|S? | 'lf r " 11 f\S}\2Lj*<L. <£f</4- EyVWXfi- J^! > 

fi-Afcj. J-J-*-$*3 ]£uiP'J,sA r #£ i-jf-zJ, t» ufiWlXlJl ^ w-Cifc-Uj J-tes?) 

-(^approval ^''ijlZIl-^X^^' 

J&jr^J'/fJL^. '£. JTJ^ij ]),l Sort'-*' Jl- > OJiSi/'ul }\£v)&/<=~'-?&- J^Vji^J'j^j 
Lbna.j'^feLjy*'- bylaws jJ-d'/O^^^^J^-^^O^J-S'^^fwi ^ 

<£ ^.t ^ I, _>> i£=^ «-£-«£ jyJji jjif. tfA f. if *f- of i, ^ Jjjj J'jjt*^ j^yi-if 

tSioXi33u"iJ>! (JVC- ^ « yCe -^jij cTif ?jir<r£.i_ j/i i#iOl u^L/w $ 
XuAik AA^ (^.ufL u>— >u j^z; t/^-r^" ^ 

# Jl^'jl/ Weight show-^A^^'j^i^^wfUi'^'f^^t^show) ^weight 
s Ufa JifAa JDJ^L^b'i. iV' jUKtX^tfWi c'U'&.^jfWl \jfi&Jyfj%il&4f 

l« j) «*j i^e^f bit. t^* tii 

s-Afy?/ ***(>/<=- tf>j&rf& iff iff 
^4^6rC\j^/ i >\hC^>S<i ft 

$ &\*> + & £ z ft 

:^^X^VJtJ < LTai^(^^^ l -^#-l^ J L'/^^'^^'r--^^lf 

J 1 j* £; ,, ^ J ji J* 

* J J « 

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if- S s> 

Ulrt w ,%f 

'< Jl 

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J 1 ^ ^ tri *^ 


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uf i/' « T 

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i}ji£»\$JkMj4% *Xa>VjA. 


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'^l Ji jj / 1/ |# JW ^ 

.Jl^j^^Jli^/}C^u[iP/iji t ^U.^'/^i^^Ut'^^^f/iJi'j/^'!^-i 

it i/, Jji tj; ijt ff* i f it 

i fr J- & JV if> -j'} & 

It £ J* / if £ j£ \?J \f- £>? ("y. 

$. c ft tfi wtyi if _/Jjj -£ 
f. ^ ft (/) wtT Jf Ji p 

&j& ii> l. ; <l. if v>f vV / i/m 

/ J;l- .jW ijx .^T v ^ ^uy 4_i J 

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j; ^ j u j if' 

f\* & f& s * $ 

ft j/ » Jt? &. / U, 

>'>■ je if jt Ji 

I,} ^ J ^ jt Jfc . wT ^ 

^■t iP i_ ; l.. / SJ »\ 

>S (f > t-A & ' / ** 

_E ; 4_ Jl7. £ i/l j -jjf /* 

i*u r ;tf Jx * - ^ ,; & 

^]f if ,£ 4^/£ ^ if> (Q <x 

£ i »i/ uA> c Jt ,£ J/ 

-^ . ** J^ . jP ■ i ut -J* 

<z. ^Jj" JJ Of. f. ;t > wf 

c U* 4_ »> / i* .sU £* 

^ yn/Wfj £>Kv;i/j« D JCjif.*/ t&fxjj± AJiJt^i^i iji>j/f>jk^s>£. e/tffifg^J^ji 

III) JjS^AiU«v'/> l £'^ciiy'(/ f * 1 »^V'-'^ LM<>'</^ JU-50w^ u'C<-Atf«;«le- j^.i J-jf t 

?^yLy/%L^ji>(; J .i | 't'tf'b"" :.!/j4 

<Sif'--tfj$J*^uZjiu?£^. J ^/h't>jig.<£ L r} \*J\\-*. J. 1 94?^ u^b" 

r^;k^^/iAf r f :jl ^ J 


1/J4 A^^^^-^/^^/lit/ 1 947-UdV £L/f Wv£ tf%. j>^f J^'iX*/ 

^^fl^t/H 6/t~AM^f£- fy/Zj^nsJvei* ifc^^/Jo^^^s^l 

J- :¥ o-,$ ^J f+" J$J 
t- >r* fif> vf *•*} 

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o Priilosphy of Taqwa o Path to Eternity o Dignified Love That Glorifies 

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