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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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no ground nor limit; hence its mirror goeth into
itself, and makes a ground in itself, that is a will.
13.  Thus the mirror of the eternal eye shines
forth in the will, and generates to itself another
eternal ground within itself.    This is its centre or
heart, from which the seeing continually takes its
rise from eternity, and through which the will be-
comes moving and directive, namely of that which
the centre brings forth.
14.  For all is comprised in the will, and is an
essence, which, in the eternal Unground, eternally
takes its rise in itself,  enters into itself,  grasps
itself in itself, and makes the centre in itself; but
with that which is grasped passes out of itself,
manifests itself in the brightness of the eye, and
thus shines forth out of the essence in itself and
from itself.    It is its own, and yet also in com-
parison to Nature is as a nothing (understand,
in comparison to palpable being,  so to speak);
though it is all, and all arises from thence.
15.  And herein we understand the eternal Es-
sence of the triad  of the  Deity, with  the   un-
fathomable wisdom.    For the eternal will, which
comprehends the eye or the mirror, wherein lies
the eternal seeing as its wisdom, is Father.    And
that which is eternally grasped in wisdom,  the
grasp comprehending a basis or centre in itself,
passing out of the ungroundedness into a ground,
is Son or Heart; for it is the Word of life, or its
essentiality, in which the will shines forth with
16.  And the going within itself to the centre of