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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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eternity continually finds where there is nothing.
It goes forth again from the centre of the ground,
and seeks in the wilL And then the mirror of the
eye, viz. the Father's and Son's wisdom, becomes
manifest; and wisdom stands accordingly before
the Spirit of God, who in it manifests the unground.
For its virtue, wherein the colours of the wonders
shine forth, is revealed from the Father of the
eternal will through the centre of his Heart or
Ground by the forthgoing Spirit.
17.  For  it (wisdom) is  that which is  uttered,
which the Father utters out of the centre of the
Heart by the Holy Spirit, and  stands  in divine
forms   and   images,   in  the   ocular   view   of  the
Holy Tri-unity of God;   but as a virgin without
bringing forth.    It generates not the colours and
figures which shine forth in it, and are revealed in
the ground and essence;  but  all is together  an
eternal Magia, and dwells with the centre of the
heart in itself, and by the spirit goes forth from the
centre out of itself, and manifests itself in the eye
of virgin wisdom endlessly.
18.  For as the essence of the Deity has no ground
from which it arises or proceeds, so also the Will-
spirit has no ground where it might rest, where
there were a place or limit, but it is called Wonder-
ful.    And its word or heart, from which it goes
forth, is called the eternal Power of the Deity ; and
the will which generates the heart and the power
in itself is called eternal Counsel.
19.  Thus the essence of the Deity is everywhere
in the deep of the unground, like as a wheel pr eye,