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is no place found for it, for it is itself th
of all beings and the fulness of all things,
is apprehended or seen by nothing. For :
eye in itself, as Ezekiel the prophet saw tl
figure at the introduction of the spirit of his A
God, when his spiritual figure was introduc
the wisdom of God by the Spirit of God ; 1
attained the vision, and in no other way can
The Second Text.
20.  We understand, then, that the divine
in threefoldness in the unground dwells i]
but generates to itself a ground within its
the eternal word or heart, which is the ce
goal of rest in the Deity;  though this is
be understood as to being, b\it as to a ti
spirit, where each is the cause of the birtl
other.    .
21.  And this threefold spirit is not mea
divisible or fathomable ; for there is no plac
for it, and it is at the same time the ungr
eternity, which gives birth to itself within
a ground.    And no place or position can
ceived or found where the spirit of the tri-
not present, and in every being; but hidde:
being, dwelling in itself, as an essence that
fills all and yet dwells not in being, but itsc
being in itself;  as we are to reflect concen
ground and unground, how the two are to b<
stood in reference to each other.
22.  Thus, we understand eternity :   (1)