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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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THE FIRST POINT                       11
was before the times of the creation of this world.
(2) What the divine Essence is in itself without a
principle. (3) What the eternal beginning in the
unground is, and the eternal end in its own ground
generated in itself, viz. the centre to the word,
which word is the centre itself. (4) And yet the
eternal birth of the Word in the will, in the mirror
of the eternal wisdom, in the virgin, continually
takes place from eternity to eternity without a
genetrix or without bringing forth.
23.  And in this virgin of the wisdom of God
the eternal principle is as a hidden fire, which is
recognized as in a mirror by its colours.    It has
been known from eternity to eternity in figure, and
is known also thus to all eternity in the eternal
origin, in wisdom.
24.  And in this mirror, where the principle is
disclosed from the eternal Unground, the essence
of the three principles, according to the likeness of
the holy triad, has been seen with their wonders as
in an unfathomable deep, and that from eternity.
25.  We are now to understand that the first
Principle is magical in origin ; for it is generated in
desire, in the will.    Hence its craving and contra-
will to bring forth is also magical, namely to bring
forth the second Principle.
26.  And whereas in the first and second principle
only a spirit without comprehensible [corporeal]