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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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centre of his word or heart.
32.  Now is the heart pregnant with Light, and
the first will pregnant with Nature;   and yet were
none of this manifest, if the principle were not
33.  The Father generates from the first will the
first Principle, as the nature which in fire attains
to the highest perfection ;   and then he generates
the second Principle in and from the other will tc
the \Vord, in that he desires the manifestation of the
Word in the light of Majesty.    Thus the fire of the
second principle in the light of Majesty is a satis-
fying or appeasing of the first will:  namely gentle-
ness, which is opposed to the fire of the first prin-
ciple, and quenches its fierce wrath, and brings it
into an essential substance as into an eternal life.
But the fire is hidden in the light, and gives to the
light its power, strength and might,  so that to-
gether there is an eternal union, and one without
the other would not be.
Of the first Principle in itself ; what it is
(singly) in itself.
34.  We are to consider Desire;  lor every desire
attracts what is in the desiring will.
35.  God,  however,   desires  only light,  viz.  the
lustre from his heart, that he may shine forth in
wisdom, and the whole God thus be manifest in
himself, and by the forth-going Spirit out of him-
self, in the virgin of his wisdom;   and that there be
an eternal perfect joy, delight and satisfaction in him.