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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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way than through fire, where the will is brot
the deepest sharpness of omnipotence, as it
consuming in fire. Contrariwise, light is ;
ness of the genetrix of the onrni-substanl
37.  But fire must have a genetrix to i
and life, and here it appears in two lives and
And they are rightly called two principles., ;
there is only one ;  but it is a twofold sour<
being, and is in respect of the source rcg;
two beings, as is to be seen in fire and light
38.  We now consider Desire, and find t
a   stern attraction, like   an  eternal   elev
motion.    For it draws itself into itself, an
itself pregnant,  so that from the thin
where there is nothing a darkness  is p
For the desiring will becomes by the dr
thick   and  full,   although   there   is   noth
39.  The first will would now be free f
darkness, for it desires light, and yet can]
attain it.   For the greater the desire is for 1
the greater becomes the attraction and t
of the essences, which take their rise in the
or desire.
40.  Thus the will draws the more stron
itself, and its pregnancy becomes the grea
yet the darkness cannot comprehend the <
the word or heart of the ternary;   for thi
is a degree deeper in itself, and yet is a bane
41.  But the first will, in which the gest
Nature takes place, is deeper still than th
of the word, for it arises from the eternal U