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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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sod as a life, and from the Nothing an
5 springs.
ing then the first movement of the will
ie birth of fire, we recognize it as the first
;z. the Father's nature in .fierce \yrath ;
)ther entrance of the will into freedom,
centre of the heart, we recognize as the
iturc, as the life in light, in the power of
is now clear what the firsb will to fire
ind effects, viz. stern, hard, bitter, and
Liish, which is the third form of Nature ;
>h is as the centre where life and will
take their rise. For the will would be
the great anguish, and yet cannot. It
', and yet is held by the sourness (astrin-
ind the greater the will for flight becomes,
sr becomes the bitter sting of the essences
being unable then to flee or ascend, it
a wheel. And here the essences become
id the plurality of essences enters into a
L, which is rightly called the eternal mind,
rality in numberless essences is comprised
I, where always from an essence a will
f arise according to the property of that
,'hence the eternal wonders spring,
ing then the great and strong mind of the
nguish goes thus in itself as a wheel, and
y breaks the stern attraction, and by
brings into plurality of essences; but in
n the wheel disposes again into a one, as