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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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love, into the substantiality of gentleness
60.  For gentleness is also become desi]
fire's property, and the desire draws the
of the kingdom of joy into itself.    That
water of eternal life, which the fire drinks
therefrom the light of Majesty.
61.  And in the light dwells the will of
and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit is the ]
He reveals now the power of the gentle (
in the   light,  and that  is  colours,  wo
62.  And this is called virgin Wisdom
not   a  genetrix,   neither  itself  reveals
but the Holy Spirit is the revealer of it
It is his vesture and fair adornment, j
it the wonders, colours and virtues of
world ; it is the house of the Holy Trinil
ornament of the divine and angelic worL
63.  In its colours and virtues the I
has revealed the choirs of angels, as wel
marvels  of created things,  all which
beheld  from  eternity  in wisdom;  witl
indeed, but in wisdom as in the mirror
to their figures;  which figures have in
of the Father advanced into essence i
creaturely existence, all according to tl
of wisdom.
64.  Now, understand us also concernir
being, where in the terror Nature divid
beings, as mentioned above: viz. one t!
Father's will into fire or into the fire-^
one through the Father's other will tha