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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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itself thus in wonders ; and the other will, which is
called Son. finds itself thus in power. Moreover,
thus also the kingdom of joy arises ; for if there were
no pain, there were also no joy. But this is the
kingdom of joy, that life is delivered from anguish,
although life has its origin thus.
70.  And therefore the creatures have poison, viz.
a gall, for their life.    The gall is the cause that there
is a mobility by which life rises;  for it occasions
fire in the heart, and the right life is fire, but it is
not the figure of life.
71.  From the  fire-life springs the right spirit,
which goes forth from fire in the light;   it is free
from fire as air,  which nevertheless arises from
fire, is free from fire.
72.  For the right spirit, or in man the spirit which
is generated from the soul's fire, has its property
in the Light of life, which burns from fire.   For it
arises from death, it proceeds out of death, the
hostile source has remained away from it in fire,
and below fire, in the cause of fire, viz. in fierce
wrathful death.
73.  Fierce wrathful death is thus a root of life.
And here, ye men, consider your death and also
Christ's death, who has begotten us again out of
death, through the fire of God ;  for out of death is
the free life born.    Whatever can go  out from
death is released from death and the source of
wrath.    That is now its kingdom of joy, that there
is no longer any fierce source in it; it has remained
away from it in death (in the dark world).    And
thus  out  of death  life  attains  eternal  freedom,